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DELTAKOMPAKT is a borne version of compactors offered by N.O.P.O.Z.M., Ltd. This machine combines all the advantages of the compactor.That is means five consecutive working bodies, which can be modified differently according to the customer´s wish. This compactor which does not have its own chassis has higher demands on the lifting force of the tractor. This machine is prefed by customers with smaller areas of land for its easy maneuverability and lower price.

Technikal dates:PB 1-200PB 1-201PB 1-202
Working width: 3000 mm4500 mm6000 mm
Transport width: 3000 mm3000 mm3000 mm
Lenght: 2450 mm2450 mm2450 mm
Total weight: 900 kg1220 kg1400 kg
H. p. required:50 kW75 kW88 kW


Technikal dates:

  PB 1-200/P

 PB 1-201/P

Working width:   3000 mm 4500 mm
Transport width:   3000 mm3000 mm
Lenght:   2450 mm2450 mm
Total weight:   900 kg1220 kg
H. p. required:   80 kW110 kW

Front-mounted compactor- DELTAKOMPAKT

Front-mounted compactor Deltakompakt is designed to maximize tensile strength of the energy resource. As shown in the picture could be used for example as the first operation before the sowing combination. After such processing a tractor with seeder combination of higher operating speed and at the same time there is less stress on organs of sowing combination. The front axle ot the tractor is also more weighted.