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Cambridge rollers are designed for crushing clods and compacting land. You can replace them on the shaft with crosskil rollers. Another possibility is to fit the frame with smooth rollers. The weight of smooth rollers is the same as the weight of Cambridge rollers.

Cambridge rollers and Crosskil rollers are used for crushing clods and compacting of land. They are very good helpers which can help you prepare the land before sowing or planting. It is also possible to insert them into the frame of the smooth rollers.

Choose from our selection of cambridge rollers, Crosskill rollers and smooth rollers. With their quality and performance you will certainly be  very satisfied.Write to us using the enclosed form bellow or contact us by telephone.

Cambridge rollers, Crosskil rollers, smooth rollers 
Working width4,5 m6 m8m9 m
Transport width2,8 m2,4 m2,8 m2,8 m
Length4,4 m4,8 m5,55m6 m
Height1,7 m1,7 m1,7 m1,5 m
Weight2.050 kg2.860 kg3.5704.600kg
Energy resource50 PS75 PS110 PS110 PS
Transport speed30 km/h30 km/h30 km/h30 km/h
Working speed10 km/h10 km/h10 km/h10 km/h