Upravit stránku
This machine Is designed for attachment to wheei tractor with minimal traction power 46 kW. For stability secUring of whole set Is necessary Use tractor with front driving axie. Au control elements is possibie hydrauuic control from tractor cabin. Attached eqUipment is designed for maintenance offorest access roads, leveuling of bUiiding bases, snow cleaning and chanei fiuuing up. Aiso is possible eqUip machine with laser guidance for very accurate base leveiiing. Machine Is then possible Use for bUilding foundations and bUilding of grounds and with regard to sizes and maneUvring possibiuity aiso for work inside of production halls.
Technical dates:
Weight:785 kg
Working width:2,5 m
Transport windth:2,5 m
Reach out of tractor outline:1,3 m
Tractor output:46 kW
Causal anglling:+ - 20