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The company N.O.P.O.Z.M. Ltd Slatiňany has a very wide range of high quality machinery in its production program for the preparation of soil before sowing and planting. Pleas contact us if you would be interested in Betakompakt.

The application of the machine is for the preparation of sowing bed with hte machine is possible deliver on the customer demand with the sowing machine of home and also foreign production. The machine is semi-attached type with the elastic work organs of foreign production. The machine is attached in the lower arms of hydraulic. For the preparation of sowing bed serve five work organs, which are one after the other arranged - heavy sping monted bar, crumbling roller, cultivating shares, light clod-crusher bar and compacting roller.

Compactor- Betakompakt whose working widths vary from 3m to 8m with an optional arrangement of working parts according to soil conditions or the customer´s crop composition. Betakompakt is designed to process light, medium and heavy soils.

Transport width3m
Working width3m, 4,5m, 6m, 8m
Machine height1,1m
Tractive deviceform 60 to 200 kW


Compactor-Betakompakt with a tandem crosskil roller

This arrangement alsow has distinctive self-cleaning effect for working in wet conditions. Tandem crosskil roller will hepl you reach outstanding results.